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Equipment Packages

When it comes to selecting the right equipment packages for your Commercial Facility or Home Gym, we can help.  We've been fitness fanatics ourselves for years and are passionate about all things fitness.  We're not believers in the quick fix or the fast road to fitness.  Hard work in the gym with quality equipment, proper nutrtion and adequate rest are the keys to success.

We've got a few pre-built Commerical Packages and Garage Gym Packages that are a great place to start or expand your new Facility or Garage Gym with all the essentials.  They are packed with all the essential and most useful equipment that is easy on your budget and that has multiple use so that you can keep your training varied and effective.

Bars, Bumpers, Medicine Balls and the like can take a tremendous beating workout after workout especially if you have 100 or more athletes using them every day.  So, we've hand selected the top equipment in the business as well as hand crafted and designed our own gear to bring you some of the best performing equipment on the market.

One of the greatest things about training for functional fitness is that you don't need a lot of equipment to get incredibly fit.  But, importantly - if the equipment you do own can be used in many different ways then it keeps your training varied and intense.  And even with just five major pieces of equipment you can build a very successful gym.

Strength Training Equipment - Five Highly Effective Pieces

  1. Pullup Bar or Pull Up Rack - the Pull up is a fantastic body weight exercise for building upper body strength.  And the pull up bar can be used not only for pull ups , but for muscle ups, advanced core training like toes to bar and also can be used to hang gymnastics rings off of too.  It's a must have.
  2. Barbells and Bumper Plates - High quality equipment here will save you in the long run.  By and large, the more of your budget you put here, the happier you will be with your purchase.  A high quality bushing bar that can help you tackle advanced movements like the snatch to the more basic but key movements like the deadlift and squat is essential.  And bumper plates need to be on task too.  Like the barbell, they take a beating.
  3. Kettlebells - Making a serious comeback, the kettlebell is without a doubt one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the gym.  There are a ton of exercises it opens up.  No gym should be without them.
  4. Gymnastics Rings - Another big winner in our book for all the usefulness it brings.  Gymnastic rings are easily one of the lowest cost per athlete equipment items that brings the biggest benefit to the beginning and advanced level athlete alike.
  5. Medicine Balls - Another great training tool that can add intensity to most any bodyweight movement where the athletes hands are free.  Add them to the squat, lunge or situp.
We recognize too that every Commerical Facility and Home Gym is different.  Maybe you already have some of the equipment in our pre-built packages or you want to add something we haven't included.  No problem.  We're more than happy to make any changes you need to help you build your gym just the way you want it.  Just send us a note and we'll get started.